HaliTonic is a natural, homeopathic remedy designed to help manage bad breath and halitosis. Taken orally, it claims to improve symptoms immediately while also addressing the long-term causes of these conditions. It also claims to help with gum disease and it is safe for all ages.


This product contains the following homeopathic ingredients:

  • Kali Phos
  • Silica
  • Nux Vom
  • Carduus mar

This supplement also includes lactose as an inactive ingredient which is used as a binder to hold all of the active ingredients until dissolved under the tongue.

This supplement is vegetarian, cruelty-free, and free from preservatives.


Feelgood Health recommends dissolving two to four tablets under the tongue in a clean mouth between two to four times per day. They also recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water per day to help address bad breath caused by dry mouth and dehydration.

This supplement is safe for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, but should be avoided by individuals who have prosthesis, breast implants, pacemakers, metal plates or pins, or other foreign objects in the body because of the presence of silica, which acts as a purifier and will try to eliminate foreign matter in the body.

Possible Side Effects

Feelgood Health states that the amount of lactose used for this supplement is very small, and says that it should be okay for individuals with lactose sensitivity. However, this has not been tested, and each individual should exercise caution based on the severity of their allergy, or avoid this product altogether.

You should consult your doctor if your symptoms persist or worsen after sustained use of this product, as it could suggest a serious underlying condition.


Through the company website this supplement is available for $7.50 and as part of a buy three get one free promotion for $27.90 not including shipping, which is from South Africa.


The company offers a 90-day money back guarantee on all of its products if you are not 100% satisfied. You can contact them by email for details, including counselling to help solve your problem, free of charge. You can also return the product to receive a complete refund.

There are no customer reviews available, only testimonials provided by the website, so it is unclear how widely this product has been used and its overall effects, but the positive testimonials combined with the comprehensive return policy provide peace of mind for first time buyers of this supplement.


This product is all natural, vegetarian, and cruelty-free, and is also safe for people of all ages, which make this a good choice for those suffering from halitosis and digestive troubles. That it acts gently in the body is also a positive, but the very limited customer reviews do create some uncertainty as to whether or not the product is perhaps too gentle to actually remedy any conditions.

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