What Leads to Bad Breath?

Everyone needs to deal with bad breath at some point as there are many things that can lead to it. The root of the problem is bacteria releasing foul smelling gases while consuming the nutrients left behind after a meal or a snack but there are other causes that will increase the number of bacteria or worsen the odor itself. Diet and lifestyle habits will have a significant impact on the intensity of the smell and how frequent it will appear. Dental hygiene is surely important but it will not always be enough to fight the smell and bacteria, especially if something like gum disease is also involved.

Reasons for Having a Bad Breath

What Leads to a Bad BreathThe day starts with bad morning breath for everyone. This is the most common type of bad breath that is caused due to a lack of saliva in the mouth. The production of saliva is significantly reduced or even halted during the night. This leads to bacteria releasing the bad smelling gases without being stopped by anything as the saliva’s role is also to trap these noxious emissions coming from the bacteria. The exact same problem is encountered when not properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water on a regular basis. Anything that reduces the production of saliva will lead to a sour breath that is unpleasant.

Smoking is another reason why people can experience a bad breath. Nicotine as well as other compounds found in tobacco will worsen the breath as they tend to stick to the teeth, thus emanating an odor. Smoking will also dry the inside of the mouth and reduce the amount of saliva that is present, thus causing the same problems described above. Not only that but smokers also remain far more vulnerable to various gum disease that will cause a bad breath and there is no way of preventing this without quitting the habit.

Gum disease like gingivitis are the second most commonly encountered problem that leads to a bad breath. This affliction is caused mainly by the bacteria that creates sulfurous gases that will cause the gum’s tissue to become inflamed. This can be prevented, however, by paying more attention to oral hygiene and making sure to brush regularly and floss as food particles, together with the bacteria, will remain stuck between the teeth. It has also been shown that people with gingivitis will also have a far larger population of bacteria on the tongue, therefore people should not ignore brushing and cleaning the tongue as well.


Bad breath, whether it’s morning breath or a foul smell caused by a particular gum disease can only be prevented by paying attention to dental hygiene, regulate diet and adjust lifestyle accordingly. Foods that lead to a smelly breath should be avoided while every person should make sure to brush, floss and use anti-bacterial mouthwash regularly.