Ultimate Cure for Bad Breath

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, is something a vast number of people are afflicted with. The majority of those who have a bad breath, however, falsely think that it is caused by diet or lifestyle and that they need to improve their dental hygiene. Recent discoveries, however, prove otherwise as the cause for halitosis has been finally found. Not only that, but a cure has also been established that will remove the smelly breath forever and the procedure doesn’t even last more than fifteen minutes.

Cause of HalitosisUltimate Cure for Bad Breath

For years researchers as well as the common people with a bad breath have been focusing on teeth and gums to be the source of the problem. Halitosis was blamed on various gum diseases and on types of bacteria that emit a foul odor when consuming nutrients found inside a person’s mouth. A researcher, however, has finally proven that the cause of the bad breath actually lies in the tonsils, an area always overlooked by scientists when it came to oral health.

It has been proven that bacteria can thrive inside the tonsils and the majority of those with a bad breath actually have their tonsils slightly inflamed by the bacteria instead of feeling any kind of pain. For the majority of people with a mild bad breath it is indeed enough to clean the teeth, tongue and gums with tooth paste and mouthwash but the bacteria from the tonsils will not be eliminated. This type of bacteria will constantly produce a foul gas that will cause a bad breath and using conventional methods of hygiene will prove to be an ineffective attempt.

The Cure

The answer to halitosis caused by the bacteria living inside the tonsils is laser treatment. This procedure is not as dreadful as it sounds as it would take only 15 minutes to get rid of the bacteria once and for all and completely solve the problem so many millions of people are afflicted with. This procedure involves a laser destroying the infected tissue and creating scarred tissue that the bacteria cannot use as their environment. It is a simple method that takes very little time and it can be done while the patient is awake with the tonsils being numbed with an anesthetic spray.

This procedure has already been tested on a group of people and it has shockingly worked on half of them after just one single session. The bacteria and bad breath has been successfully eliminated with just one laser treatment session. For other people it took a second and rarely a third session to completely remove all of the infected tissue and bacteria that caused bad breath.


Halitosis is on the verge of being a problem of the past as this new, yet simple, revolutionizing treatment is being further tested and improved. It is simple, effective and safe to the patient without even causing pain.