Preventing Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of the most common hygiene problems people encounter. It is mainly the result of bacteria building up to consume nutrients from the food particles stuck between the teeth and around the mouth, thus releasing unpleasant gases as a result of their digesting process. Food particles as well as the bacteria can be eliminated by making certain diet adjustments but more importantly, by improving oral hygiene and regularly applying all methods of dental care.Preventing Bad Breath

The Pesky Morning Breath

Nearly everyone wakes up with a bad breath or the so-called “doggy breath” in the morning and quickly head to the bathroom to brush their teeth. The main reason why this is happening is saliva. During the night the build up of saliva is significantly reduced or even halted, thus turning the mouth into an even more appropriate environment where bacteria will quickly build up. The amount of saliva can be reduced for other reasons as well, mainly diet related.

Other Causes

Alcohol consumption is another way of lower the amount of saliva present in the mouth as the alcohol found in many beverages will dehydrate the body, therefore reduce the production of saliva as well. Bacteria will quickly begin to multiply and worsen the breath. Avoiding alcohol or reducing the amount that you drink will help the body stay dehydrated and keep producing saliva.

Dieting and not hydrating yourself enough is another common cause that leads to a bad breath. Chewing food leads to more saliva, thus less bacteria and less odor. If you need to restrict yourself and eat less then it is highly advisable to drink more water in order to compensate and product more saliva. Eating various types of foods can also lead to a bad breath. For instance eating garlic or onion will significantly worsen the breath and same goes with drinking coffee or alcoholic beverages. Diet plays a crucial role and those with bad breath should analyze theirs and make adjustments accordingly.

Treating Bad BreathPreventing Bad Breath

For the vast majority of people bad breath is caused by bacteria and improving oral hygiene is enough to take care of the problem. Regularly brushing the teeth, as well as the tongue, will clear a vast amount of bacteria and remove food particles that would draw the bacteria to feast on them and rapidly multiply.

Flossing is another method for maintaining hygiene and it is crucial for those with bad breath. Brushing is not enough for removing food particles stuck between the teeth. Bacteria can escape and thrive there and still cause a bad breath even though you brushed your teeth with toothpaste and used mouthwash.


There is no single solution for treating bad breath. Everyone should use every single method of dental hygiene regularly on a daily basis. On top of that, those with halitosis should also regulate their diet by eliminating foods that lead to bad breath and by eating those which eliminate unpleasant odors.