The Oil Pulling Health Craze

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian method that has been followed for various scientific reasons. For instance, it helps with the whitening of teeth, strengthens the jaw, teeth and gums and aids in preventing cavities. Additionally, it can be used for detoxification of the body, cure for migraines, hangovers, allergies, sinuses and sleep issues. There are various other health benefits in relation with oil pulling or oil swishing.The Oil Pulling Health Craze

How is oil pulling done?

This Ayurvedic Indian medicine involves a process in which you thoroughly gargle your mouth with one spoon of oil for 20 minutes every morning. When you spit the oil (into the trash can and not into the basin to avoid clogging of pipelines) you will notice that the oil has turned milky white in colour. This colour change indicates that the bacteria and toxins from the mouth have been absorbed by the oil.  Sunflower oil or coconut oil should be ideally used. Some people recommend not to use coconut oil and to do it with sesame oil instead.

It might be a little difficult to follow for a first timer but you will eventually get accustomed to it. You could do the process for 10 to 15 minutes if needed. It is recommended to follow this four to five times in a week.

The result…?

Studies reveal that oil pulling with coconut oil helps teeth whitening and act as an anti-viral and anti- bacterial agent by acting against sinuses, preventing gingivitis and cavities, strengthening the teeth and gums and by helping in body detoxification.

A doctor mentioned that the friction of oil is basically like a soapy effect. So it does not matter what oil is used. Whatever the oil may be, the effect of reducing bacteria and plaque that cause cavities in the mouth is the same. However, since oil cannot go very deep, serious infections that lie deeper in the teeth and gums are unlikely to get cured.

By maintaining a good oral hygiene you can concentrate on curing other issues in your body. There is a higher chance of people with poor oral hygiene will suffer from problems like pneumonia, strokes and heart attacks.

The Oil Pulling Health CrazeEar and sinus infections can be reduced with oil pulling since the ear and sinuses are connected to the mouth. On the other hand, sinuses and ear infections can also be caused by tooth infections. To cure the tooth infection, toothpastes containing Xylitol can be used which has shown that ear infections have reduced by 50% in children.

You may either use the toothpaste or do an oil pull to cure these infections as per your preference.

When your mouth is unhealthy, your body constantly fights against the bacteria present from entering the body. So if the mouth is healthy, your energy level is higher, your skin is clearer, you feel lighter and happier and overall your body is healthier. Oil pulling helps reduce those plaque and bacteria that cause cavities and is capable of reducing further development of cavities which are already present.

It is important to remember to never swallow the oil after gargling since the toxins that have been absorbed may enter the lungs and cause pneumonia. Also note that oil pulling does not substitute brushing. It may only be used as a substitute for a mouth wash but brushing is essential as particles may be present between teeth. Using a Waterpik is a better option as it reaches even between the teeth.