How to Fight Dental Bacteria

Having a bad breath is a common problem encountered by millions of people all over the world. While most people think that this issue is just temporary due to drinking alcoholic beverages or eating onions in garlic, bad breath or halitosis, is actually much more than that. The bad smell caused by diet and lifestyle is one thing and can be easily solved, but halitosis is caused by various types of bacteria that live inside the oral cavity of each individual.

What causes bad breath

How to Fight Dental BacteriaThe most common factors that lead to a smelly breath are usually diet and lifestyle habits. It is easy to make diet adjustments and to avoid foods and drinks that cause temporary bad breath, however, the bad breath known as halitosis is caused by different reasons. This affliction cannot be taken care of simply through diet and sometimes an exceptional dental hygiene is not enough either.

It has been determined by researchers that there two types of bacteria inside the human mouth. One type is the good kind that actually maintains a healthy environment in the oral cavity without causing any health issues and the second type is a kind of bacteria which emits a foul odor after consuming the nutrients they find inside the mouth. Everyone has both types of bacteria but in different amounts and concentrations. There must be a balance between these two kinds, as some varieties will actually cancel out the smell and foul emissions that are given by the noxious type of bacteria.

How to Fight Dental BacteriaScientists found out that there are many factors that lead to the types of bacteria found within each individual’s mouth. Even the person’s blood type has an effect and it can lead to having small amounts of the bacteria that promote a good or neutral kind of breath. What is more important is actually the environment. The types of bacteria that thrive in the human’s mouth depend on the environment where the human lives. It has been discovered that people from one part of the world will have other types of bacteria or different concentrations of them as people from another part of the glove. Changing the environment can cause a shift for the better or for the worst depending on each person.

Bacteria can be eliminated through hygiene, but brushing teeth and flossing are not enough. It is just as important to clean the tongue as it carries a tremendous amount of bacteria that will influence the breath greatly.


Bad breath or halitosis is a result of bacteria thriving inside the oral cavity. The type and concentration of bacteria has a direct impact on the smell of the breath and hygiene is not enough to keep the breath clean at all times. So far the industry focuses only on bacteria killing products but this is just a temporary method as nothing can kill all bacteria and enough survive to immediately multiply and worsen the breath again in a matter of hours or even less. Until a more permanent solution is found, those who have a bad breath can only try their best to regularly brush the teeth and the tongue, floss and use anti-bacterial products.