Dental Health and Oil Pulling

Dental health is vital for living a healthy, comfortable life. Not taking care of one’s teeth can lead to serious problems that will involve discomfort, pain and eventually a premature loss of teeth. On top of the health related issues, it can also have social impacts on the person who ignores his teeth as a bad dental hygiene will yellow the teeth and worsen the breath significantly.

Dental Health and Oil PullingOil pulling refers to an ancient method of maintaining the oral cavity’s health with the help of natural oils. It essentially means cleaning your mouth with various types of oils that are known for eliminating harmful bacteria, whitening teeth and overall prevent gum inflammation and the development of plaque, as well as cavities. The main reason people have yellow teeth, bad breath or gum inflammation is due to a large number of harmful bacteria that settles on the surface of the teeth. Using something like coconut oil on top of the conventional teeth cleaning methods will only improve oral health.

The benefits of oil pulling

The person using this method to maintain oral health has to take a tablespoon of oil and swish in his mouth for around a quarter of an hour. Many oils can be used, even sunflower, as all of them have the ability to taken in the bacteria from the teeth or gum and dissolve it. Coconut oil, however, has more benefits than other oils as it does more than just kill bacteria.

Dental Health and Oil PullingCoconut oil comes in a solid form at room temperature, therefore the consumer has to chew it and force it around the mouth and between the teeth in order to apply it everywhere. It has been determined that doing this regularly on a daily basis will add a shine to the teeth and whiten them as well as the plaque of bacteria is being significantly reduced and they will not multiply at such a fast rate. This, in turn will also make the breath fresher as bacteria is prevented from building up so quickly.

Another positive effect is the reduction of gum inflammation and reducing the possibility of suffering from gingivitis. These common problems are caused by the immune system overreacting to the bacteria present in the mouth and trying to combat it. The oil will help eliminate the bacteria far quicker while also soothing the inflamed gums that are most likely causing pain.


Oral hygiene is vital to maintain a good health overall. Brushing teeth and flossing regularly is of vital importance but sometimes not quite enough. This is when oil pulling with coconut oil can become a problem solver. Coconut oil is easy to apply without fearing any kind of side effects and it will only provide the user with health benefits as it will clean the teeth, gum and mouth overall from bacteria.