Zinc as the Answer to Body Odor

Unpleasant body odor is triggered by too much sweating that can be experienced due to a diet that lacks the appropriate amount of zinc every person should consume. The unpleasant smell is the result of the human sweat that comes into contact with the bacteria that thrives on skin. After extensive research it has been discovered that adding a higher amount of zinc to the diet can reduce the severity of the odor, while also taking personal hygiene into account of course.

Body Odor and Methods of Prevention

Zinc as the Answer to Body OdorThe body releases sweat in order to keep the body hydrated and at a optimal temperature levels. This process that is crucial to our health and normal functioning will cause a reaction with the bacteria which inhabits the surface of the skin, thus leading to body odor. There are ways of preventing the unpleasant smell from being noticed, such as taking regular showers and using a soap with anti-bacterial properties or using deodorants or other anti-perspiration products that will either reduce the amount of sweating or remove the bacteria that will cause the odor. In some cases, however, this is not enough as people with unbalanced diets can experienced a stronger odor or increased sweating that cannot be easily controlled. In such an event it has been scientifically proven that taking in more zinc from either dietary supplements or certain types of food can counteract and reduce the severity of the odor.

Sources of Zinc

Many people may fail to consume enough zinc on a regular basis without even knowing it, even though the human body does not require a large quantity of the mineral. It would be enough to take any kind of supplement that contains zinc or to regularly consume certain foods such as beef, oysters, chicken or lobster. Adding any of these sources to the daily diet would normalize the levels of zinc in the body and help reduce the unpleasant body odor. This mineral is highly needed for reducing toxicity within the body, therefore a lack of it would lead to a type of sweat that will emit a foul odor.

Successfully Eliminating the Body OdorZinc as the Answer to Body Odor

Combating and controlling the body’s odor involves more than just adding more zinc to the diet. A balance between hygiene and diet must be established together with the products that contain this vital mineral. The person who emits an unpleasant odor should avoid consuming too much of certain foods, such as onion or garlic, that are notorious for leading to a smelly sweat. Taking a Zinc supplement and consuming products that contain the mineral will further counter and reduce the smell. When adding regular showers with bacteria combating soaps to the mix, there should no longer be a noticeable body odor as the bacteria itself is eliminated and the body’s own toxicity is lowered by the zinc.