Understanding Your Body’s Odor

Body odor is something every single individual, whether it is unpleasant due to sweat and bacteria or unnoticeable. Every person has a unique smell that has been established to be as unique as fingerprints. The odor will depend on the person’s lifestyle, eating habits, daily routines and type or number of certain bacteria. An unpleasant odor is usually caused by the growth of bacteria that thrives on consuming nutrients from the human sweat and thus emanating a foul smell as a result of this process. While the bad body odor can be taken care of, humans still have their unique odor that depends on health and can have a social impact, such as in relationships.

Understanding Your Body's OdorThe individual body odor can have many effects on an individual, from both a health and social point of view. Every person has his or her unique scent that has nothing to do with the sweat or bacteria that lead to a bad body odor. For example, like with animals, it has been determined that a person’s body odor will have an impact on his love life and possible relationships. People can be attracted to others with a particular smell or they could be repelled by it. According to researchers people with a very similar odor are not attracted to each other in the majority of the cases, quite the contrary, while those with a completely different smell can be more attractive. Of course smell on its own is not enough to determine a possible relationship but it does play a significant role.

Body odor plays a similar role when it comes to friendships as well. It has been determined that people can be attracted to your smell and even determine what kind of person you are by smell, thus either be attracted or repelled by you. After a series of tests it has been proven that simply based by smell, people can learn things about your personality, such as whether you are dominant in nature or neurotic.

On top of odor’s importance in society, it can also determine your state of health. It has been proven that body odor changes even when just suffering from the common cold. Doctors can’t identify the sickness just through the sense of smell but it has been determined that a group of healthy humans will identify those around them who are sick. Dogs also have the ability of pointing out cancer or diabetes patients either by directly smelling them or by sensing their scent coming from urine.


Body odor does not represent only the foul smell that we humans emit when sweating and not taking care of our personal hygiene on a regular basis. The individual smell has a social impact as fellow members of society can obtain information about you just by sensing your body odor. Not only that, but your state of health can also be recognized both by humans and animals as odor changes when sick.