Cinnamon as a Cure for Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common problem encountered by many around the globe. It is caused by bacteria which thrives in the oral cavity by consuming leftover food particles and it can become a real problem, especially if you have an office meeting but you ran out of mints. Bad breath or halitosis needs to be understood and fought with conventional ways, as well as traditional ways. Dental care products aren’t always effective and sometimes their overuse will actually do more harm than good. This is when common herbs and spices, like cinnamon can come in handy by effectively destroying bacteria without causing any kind of side effects whatsoever.

Cause of Bad Breath

Cinnamon as a Cure for Bad BreathBad breath is caused by replicating bacteria that emits foul smelling gases when consuming the nutrients found in food particles that are stuck in our teeth or on our tongues after meals or a snack. Diet and lifestyle will also have a serious impact on the amount of bacteria and the intensity of the odor. For example, those are not properly hydrated will have a worse breath than those who are. Bad hydration will lead to a reduced amount of saliva that is present in the mouth and a dry mouth will smell foul as there is nothing to trap the gas emanated by the bacteria. Our saliva plays a crucial role in capturing the foul smells and in washing down some of the bacteria.

Diet is another common problem due to many types of foods or beverages that will lead to a bad breath after being consumed. Onions and garlic are the most well known products that lead to a foul smell, at least temporarily. Same with alcohol as it dries and dehydrates the mouth, thus reducing content of saliva and allowing the bacteria’s gases to escape.

Dental Hygiene with Cinnamon

While conventional products like toothpaste and mouth wash are vital, they are not always foolproof and can’t be used excessively. This when natural spices and other products that are common in the kitchen, can come handy and eliminate the bacteria and the foul odor. Cinnamon is already well known due to researchers that have proven it to be an effective bacteria killer. This spice will cleanse the mouth from bacteria and take care of the root of the problem, especially when combined with other products with similar Cinnamon as a Cure for Bad Breathproperties.

For instanced, cinnamon can be best combined with honey and lemon juice to create a natural mouth wash that will eliminate the bacteria and freshen the smell immediately. Honey, like cinnamon, has anti bacterial properties that allows it to destroy these microscopic creatures that cause a bad breath. Lemon can be added as this citrus fruit will significantly improve and freshen the odor, thus eliminating any foul smell.

Making a natural mouth wash based on cinnamon is risk free and easy as it is a highly common and inexpensive ingredient. It can be applied regularly and the user can be certain that the population of bacteria will be controlled.