Preventing Children’s Body Odor

The unpleasant body odor is caused by the mixture of sweat and bacteria that builds up and feeds on it. While this issue is mostly encountered in adults it is normal for children to feel the same effects as they start growing. Their hormonal changes will lead to a build up of sweat as well as the bacteria that is the actual cause of the smell. It is not strange for this effect to occur even in children who are only around 8 years old. It is highly unlikely for the bad odor to be experienced by 5-year-old kids but it is highly expected for those between ages 10-12.

The Possible Effects

1231456The sudden development of an unpleasant body odor in children is nothing to be worried about as most of the time it is not a diet related issue or caused by anything abnormal. It is the very first sign that soon the child will enter puberty and the changes associated with this stage in life will appear in the following months or even couple of years. It is recommended for parents to educate their children about this phase in life and to teach them that they can no longer wear their favorite shirt or pants for more than a day as it will start smelling. The hormonal changes will lead to a body odor that can only be eliminated and prevented by taking baths more frequently and changing clothes more often than before.

Solution to Child’s Body Odor

Avoiding the spices and foods or drinks that normally cause a bad body odor in adults won’t do much for children who are going through hormonal changes. Frequent showers, fresh clothes and changing their bed sheets more often is the solution¬† when it comes to preventing the body over from becoming noticeable and unpleasant. An addition to these methods would be adding a deodorant that will keep the bacteria in check and allow the child to smell good for long enough until he or she is able to go home and take a bath. The deodorant should be a mild one and not an antiperspirant as adults use to lower the amount of sweating. Sweating is highly important to a child’s health, especially if he is physically active as preventing sweat from building up with the help of an antiperspirant would lead to an increase in body temperature that would in turn, lead to dehydration and exhaustion.

Other Causes

There are other causes that could lead to a bad odor and they do not involve the hormonal changes. If the parent is unsure he or she should take the child to a doctor in order to be certain that the body odor is not the result of a medical problem such as ringworm or various disorders. A medical specialist will determine whether it’s a harmless stage in life or an inability for the child to process various compounds.