Nature can Freshen Bad Body Odor

Many people believe that bad odor is simply caused by sweat, but that is only partially true. While sweat is only half of the problem people should refrain from using methods of reducing or even stopping the sweating process as it is highly necessary for the body to stay healthy. Instead, the other half of the problem can be controlled as the unpleasant odor is actually caused by certain types of bacteria that live in areas such as the underarm and will feast on the nutrients that are released through the sweat. Their process of consumption will lead to reactions that cause a foul smell.Nature can Freshen Bad Body Odor

Hygiene is a highly important element in combating bad odors but often it is simply not enough. People with bad odor may simply not have the time to shower several times a day due to work or other schedules and excessive sweating, especially during summer would often offer the bacteria the perfect opportunity to consume, breed and emit foul odors. There are other ways however, of eliminating bacteria and repelling it for longer periods of time or simply reducing the severity of the odor itself. The potency of the odor, for example, can be controlled by diet regulation and avoiding various foods or drinks that are known for heightening the odor’s strength, while the number of bacteria can be controlled with the use of natural herbs or oils that are highly common in the kitchen.

Change your diet

It is a well-established fact that various foods and drinks can enhance the bad body odor while others can have a deodorizing effect even. There are many products that can enhance the smell, depending on individual, and eliminating or reducing this item in the diet is crucial. This can be accomplished by eliminating 1 food or drink at a time until the culprit is found. Once it’s been discovered, the consumer should reduce the quantity he eats or drink and if necessary even eliminate this item from the diet entirely. Most common examples of such foods and drinks are onion, garlic, coffee, alcohol, cabbage and many more depending on the person. Adding green, leafy vegetables such as spinach to your diet would even reduce the smell by acting as a natural deodorant.

Natural Remedies

While deodorants and antiperspirants can be used some may be sensitive to them and not be able to tolerateNature can Freshen Bad Body Odor these products. In such a case they can seek an answer from nature, as it provides many types of herbs that are known from killing the odor-causing bacteria. Herbs like lavender and peppermint, as well as common spices such as cinnamon are known for their bacteria eliminating properties. Anyone can have easy access to these products and be able to apply them directly in the area where bacteria needs to be eliminated. Other herbs, such as lavender can be even be used for the deodorizing effects and not just for killing the bacteria.


The unpleasant body odor needs to be controlled with proper hygiene but that may not be enough. If the odor reappears quickly, then the person experiencing it should adjust his diet accordingly and enlist the help of herbs and oils extracted from them. These natural remedies are easy and inexpensive to obtain, usually side effect free and can be easily applied.