How to Treat Body Odor with Herbs

An unpleasant odor will be experienced when the body’s sweat comes into contact with the bacteria that grows in the area and feeds on this bodily fluid. If the sweat is not cleaned almost immediately the number of bacteria will increase rapidly, thus leading to an intense smell. A person who suffers from excessive sweating could prevent the bacteria from appearing by using the herbs that are renowned for their bacteria eliminating characteristics. Without the bacteria, the sweat will not emit such a potent smell and can be controlled far easier.

Anti-bacterial SpicesHow to Treat Body Odor with Herbs

Everyone has spices and herbs in the kitchen and they may not even know that most of them are natural antibiotics and perfect for creating a sterile area where the bacteria will not breed out of control. Ginger, cinnamon and cloves are some of the most common spices and they all are strong bacteria repellents. Any of these products can be easily applied to the unpleasant smelling area, such as armpits, by simply smearing the powder where the bacteria forms. They will prevent or eliminate the bacteria, thus the sweat will not smell nearly as bad as there is not bacteria to react with.

Herbal Extracts and Oils

Oils extracted from various plants such as lavender or oregano can prove to be deodorants as well as natural anti-bacterial agents. These substances will combat the bacteria that forms on the armpits or any other area where sweat quickly builds up and will also eliminate the smell due to the pleasant fragrance of the plant. These extracts can be somewhat irritating when coming into contact with the skin, especial if the skin is known to be highly sensitive in general, but this effect can be counteracted. The user should mix the extract or oil together with any other oil extracted from vegetables. Doing this will not reduce the effect or properties of the herb but it will prevent the irritation of the skin.

Oregano and Rosemary

How to Treat Body Odor with HerbsBoth of these herbs have been proven to be highly effective when it comes to eliminating bacteria and preventing them from building up. Oregano and rosemary will combat any bacteria or fungus that will cause a bad body odor when coming into contact with sweat. The most effective way of using these herbs would be by adding them to a bath. They will eliminate the bacteria and provide the skin with a protective layer that will prevent bacteria from appearing for extended period of time, depending on how often the herbs are used. At the very least they will provide the user more time to clean the sweat far before it starts emitting the unpleasant smell that can be felt by others.


Foul odor caused by the presence of bacteria and their reaction with sweat can easily be prevented or reduced by using some of the most common herbs and spices. They are easily accessible to anyone and can be used in simple ways without any kind of side effects.