Treating Bad Breath With Zinc

Have you ever been bothered with bad breath? Well, you are not alone. Bad breath affects normal people every now and then, especially when we wake up early in the morning. However, this bad breath that we encounter in the morning is normal because there is reduced saliva secretion during the night, further causing the buildup of bacteria and decayed food. Morning bad breath is temporary and disappears when you brush your teeth or gargle in the morning.

However, there is this type of bad breath of halitosis that lasts throughout the day. This long-lasting bad breath can actually make you lose your self-confidence and may limit your social interactions. Bad breath can be an embarrassing problem and many people are not aware that they have it. This is why proper dental hygiene should be observed along with the use of zinc-containing products to ensure that you have long lasting fresh breath.

How Zinc Stops Bad Breath

Treating Bad Breath With ZincSo what causes bad breath in general? Bad breath may be caused by bacteria that bind to the surface of the proteins in the mouth. These bacteria then convert these protein molecules into sulfur gas, an organic compound that smells like a rotten egg. These sulfur gases are responsible for your bad breath. Zinc can decrease the concentration of sulfur gases so that you are left with fresh breath.

According to dentists, bad breath is caused by gram-negative anaerobic bacteria that live on the surface of the mouth. If you eat onions and garlic, smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, you can have temporary bad breath. Throat infections or sinusitis can also cause bad breath but it usually goes away once the infection gets treated. Thirst or dehydration and a dry mouth can also cause bad breath.

One way of using zinc to get rid of bad breath is by using a mouth-wash sold over-the-counter which contains zinc. Any mouthwash that does not contain any zinc is like rinsing the mouth with just plain water. These plain mouthwashes act as only a temporary fix for bad breath without the zinc, and its mint flavor and fragrance can only mask the real problem causing the bad breath. Good mouthwashes are those that contain zinc chloride, especially those that also contain an aromatic compound called ionone. This combination can remove bad breath for a longer period of time that plain mouthwashes. Temporary fixes for bad breath are lozenges, chewing gums, mints, sprays and drops. Always check the label for zinc because if the product contains this mineral, it may hold back bad breath for longer periods of time.

So why is zinc effective in eliminating bad breath? This is because zinc has the capacity to bind to protein receptors to which bacteria bind to release foul smelling sulfur gasses. Zinc ions in mouthwashes can freshen breath for longer periods of time.

Aside from picking the right mouth-wash it is important that you practice good oral hygiene. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day. You should also floss and rinse with a zinc-containing mouthwash regularly. Have your teeth checked by a dentist to know whether you have decaying teeth or not. Your dentist can fill up cavities which are caused by tooth decay and give out bad breath. Also, do not forget to eat nutritious food that mostly consists of fruits and vegetables. Also, you must limit your intake of sugary foods and acidic drinks.