Body Odor and Food

Body odor is the result of the sweat coming into direct contact with the bacteria which appears on the surface of the skin, mainly in the armpit area where it feeds on the secretions. The unpleasant smell can be caused by various reasons with diet being the main one. Specific foods and the presence of certain compounds found in what we eat can lead to a stronger body smell. This problem can be easily fixed by identifying the foods the lead to the unpleasant odor and by cutting back on the amount of them that is introduced in a daily diet. Reducing one food item at a time would lead to identifying the root of the problem without giving up on too many products.

Foods and Drinks that Lead to Body Odor

Body Odor and FoodThere are various products from all food and drink types that can lead to a foul body odor. One of the most common vegetables, for example, that enhances the smell of the body is garlic. The majority of people will experience a bad body odor on top of the bad breath when consuming garlic, onion and any other strong smelling vegetables.

Meats are also linked with a bad body over when consumed in high quantities on a regular basis. According to several scientific analysis, people who consume meat tend to have a stronger body odor than does who focus on a non meat diet or consume meat in small quantities and not daily. The bad smell is caused due to the long time it takes for meat to processed by the body, therefore it ends up decaying in the digestive system and increasing toxicity.

Alcohol is another leading suspect for increasing the severity of a bad body odor. This substance can be Body Odor and Foodeliminated through sweat and when it comes into contact with the bacteria that feeds on this body fluid, the odor only intensifies. Caffeine is linked by researchers in the same way as alcohol. If consumers suspect this to be the cause of the odor they should reduce or even eliminate drinks that contain caffeine, as well as chocolate.

While product can cause the bad smell on their own, certain people may suffer from a disorder that does not allow them to break down trimethylamine, an amino acid which can be found in many different foods. If they cannot process this compound it will build up in the system and lead to a body odor that smells fishy. Although the condition is quite rare, consuming soy, eggs, milk, beans, cabbage and any other vegetables related with it will lead to a foul, fish like smell. If someone is aware of this disorder he or she can only identify the product and significantly reducing its consumption.


A foul body odor can be caused by a large variety of foods or specific compounds found within certain drinks and foods. The best way to deal with this problem is to eliminate every food or drink one by one until the culprit is found.