5 Causes of Feminine Odor

5 Causes of Feminine Odor

Fixing the root cause

Though feminine issues are quite common, it does not make them less embarrassing. Issues with feminine odor can make you feel unclean even if you are not. Following is a discussion of the five most common causes of feminine odour.

  1. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

BV is among the most common of all causes. Basically, the vagina contains bacteria that occur naturally. BV is a condition in which there is an extra growth of the bacteria.

The causes are unknown. However, other factors like frequent touching and unprotected sex could cause the odour. Symptoms for this also include discharge, itching and soreness.

BV may just vanish eventually but it can also be cured with antibiotics.

  1. Yeast infections5 Causes of Feminine Odor

Yeast infections are similar to BV but they have a thick and white discharge.

There are various vaginal as well as oral anti-fungal medicines that are available for yeast infections.


Yeast treatments are very simple but since most of them are quite messy, it is best to use these treatments during nights rather than the day.

If you experience any of the symptoms or if the treatment you are undergoing seems to be ineffective, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

  1. STDs

Certain STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) also are a reason for feminine odor. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are two of the sexually transmitted diseases’ that are a cause. The two can be treated easily but if they are left untreated they may lead to serious complications. The common symptoms for these two diseases are discharge that resemble pus, odour and painful urination.

If you notice any of this, consult your doctor immediately and remember to use protection during intercourse.

  1. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

5 Causes of Feminine OdorPID is the later stage of STDs like chlamydia. PIDs occur when the bacteria causing STDs enter the uterus through the vagina. PIDs do not have symptoms generally and are noticed only when you experience trouble in getting conceived or if you have chronic pain. In case symptoms occur, they may be painful urination, painful intercourse, fatigue, fever, heavy discharge, odor and pelvic pain.

PID could be treated through antibiotics but it might leave scar tissue which has effects that may be long lasting like infertility and chronic pain.

  1. Poor hygiene

Odour can also be caused by poor hygiene. Ensure that you have a thorough wash every day, as it is natural for the vaginal area to smell as they have sweat and oil glands.  Use mild soaps that are free of fragrance and wipe well after visiting the restroom.

There are plenty of products available that claim to fight odour but it is best to keep away from all of them as these fragrant creams, cloths, douches and sprays cause twice the more trouble that resolving the problem. They may cause irritation and are also responsible for removing few bacteria which are actually required to be present to keep the vagina healthy.

Tip: Try the cotton crotch under-wears which help to remove moisture and thus stop odour.

Dental Health and Oil Pulling

Dental Health and Oil Pulling

Dental health is vital for living a healthy, comfortable life. Not taking care of one’s teeth can lead to serious problems that will involve discomfort, pain and eventually a premature loss of teeth. On top of the health related issues, it can also have social impacts on the person who ignores his teeth as a bad dental hygiene will yellow the teeth and worsen the breath significantly.

Dental Health and Oil PullingOil pulling refers to an ancient method of maintaining the oral cavity’s health with the help of natural oils. It essentially means cleaning your mouth with various types of oils that are known for eliminating harmful bacteria, whitening teeth and overall prevent gum inflammation and the development of plaque, as well as cavities. The main reason people have yellow teeth, bad breath or gum inflammation is due to a large number of harmful bacteria that settles on the surface of the teeth. Using something like coconut oil on top of the conventional teeth cleaning methods will only improve oral health.

The benefits of oil pulling

The person using this method to maintain oral health has to take a tablespoon of oil and swish in his mouth for around a quarter of an hour. Many oils can be used, even sunflower, as all of them have the ability to taken in the bacteria from the teeth or gum and dissolve it. Coconut oil, however, has more benefits than other oils as it does more than just kill bacteria.

Dental Health and Oil PullingCoconut oil comes in a solid form at room temperature, therefore the consumer has to chew it and force it around the mouth and between the teeth in order to apply it everywhere. It has been determined that doing this regularly on a daily basis will add a shine to the teeth and whiten them as well as the plaque of bacteria is being significantly reduced and they will not multiply at such a fast rate. This, in turn will also make the breath fresher as bacteria is prevented from building up so quickly.

Another positive effect is the reduction of gum inflammation and reducing the possibility of suffering from gingivitis. These common problems are caused by the immune system overreacting to the bacteria present in the mouth and trying to combat it. The oil will help eliminate the bacteria far quicker while also soothing the inflamed gums that are most likely causing pain.


Oral hygiene is vital to maintain a good health overall. Brushing teeth and flossing regularly is of vital importance but sometimes not quite enough. This is when oil pulling with coconut oil can become a problem solver. Coconut oil is easy to apply without fearing any kind of side effects and it will only provide the user with health benefits as it will clean the teeth, gum and mouth overall from bacteria.

How to Immediately Improve a Bad Breath

How to Immediately Improve a Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common problem that worries many whether they are kids going to school or adults getting ready for an office meeting. Its causes differ as halitosis can be caused by poor diet, bad oral hygiene or various gum diseases that may go unnoticed and untreated. In any case bacteria is the main cause of this widely encountered issue and in today’s busy social life not everyone has the time to regularly focus on proper oral hygiene.

How to Immediately Improve a Bad BreathThe usual methods of brushing teeth and tongue regularly as well as using mouthwash and flossing are still the best ways of maintaining a pleasant odor and clearing the bacteria which causes the foul smell. That, however, may not be enough as diet can be erratic depending on individual plus everyone reacts differently to foods and products. Here are a few tips on how to improve your bad breath quickly when you simply can’t brush your teeth at the moment and you’re out of mints or chewing gum.

Tips on Stopping Bad Breath

Drinking water is one of the simplest things you can do to immediately improve your breath, especially if you are feeling dehydrated and that your mouth or throat is dry. Dehydration leads to a lack of saliva and this will lead to a foul breath. The human saliva actually prevents the gases caused by the bacteria to be released and to be felt. Hydration will keep the production of saliva going and it will trap the bad smell immediately.

Another quick way of improving your breath is eating an apple. Apples will actually scrape off food particles and bacteria that is feeding on them. Bite on this oral cleaning fruit to not only clean your teeth but to also maxresdefaultneutralize the odor. Apples have been proven to have bad odor neutralizing abilities that will counter the foul smelling gases produced by the bacteria.

If you just had a meal that had garlic or onion in it, have no fear as you can neutralize some of the smell, if not all of it, but chewing on parsley. This commonly used veggie has been discovered to have certain enzymes that will eliminate the smell caused by garlic. Many foods have garlic in them and when gum isn’t available, just ask for some parsley garnishing with your meal.

Speaking of vegetables, carrots and celery are two other common mouth cleaning food items. Similar to the apple, the texture of these legumes will scrub off the food particles as well as the bacteria clinging to them. This is not their only effects as these watery veggies will actually promote the production of saliva which will further trap the foul gases released by the bacteria.


Maintaining oral hygiene is essential for preventing bad breath but sometimes people just don’t have access to their toothbrush or gum. In these cases there are many solutions that will quickly improve the situation as water and apples can be found literally in any building.

Preventing Children’s Body Odor

Preventing Children’s Body Odor

The unpleasant body odor is caused by the mixture of sweat and bacteria that builds up and feeds on it. While this issue is mostly encountered in adults it is normal for children to feel the same effects as they start growing. Their hormonal changes will lead to a build up of sweat as well as the bacteria that is the actual cause of the smell. It is not strange for this effect to occur even in children who are only around 8 years old. It is highly unlikely for the bad odor to be experienced by 5-year-old kids but it is highly expected for those between ages 10-12.

The Possible Effects

1231456The sudden development of an unpleasant body odor in children is nothing to be worried about as most of the time it is not a diet related issue or caused by anything abnormal. It is the very first sign that soon the child will enter puberty and the changes associated with this stage in life will appear in the following months or even couple of years. It is recommended for parents to educate their children about this phase in life and to teach them that they can no longer wear their favorite shirt or pants for more than a day as it will start smelling. The hormonal changes will lead to a body odor that can only be eliminated and prevented by taking baths more frequently and changing clothes more often than before.

Solution to Child’s Body Odor

Avoiding the spices and foods or drinks that normally cause a bad body odor in adults won’t do much for children who are going through hormonal changes. Frequent showers, fresh clothes and changing their bed sheets more often is the solution  when it comes to preventing the body over from becoming noticeable and unpleasant. An addition to these methods would be adding a deodorant that will keep the bacteria in check and allow the child to smell good for long enough until he or she is able to go home and take a bath. The deodorant should be a mild one and not an antiperspirant as adults use to lower the amount of sweating. Sweating is highly important to a child’s health, especially if he is physically active as preventing sweat from building up with the help of an antiperspirant would lead to an increase in body temperature that would in turn, lead to dehydration and exhaustion.

Other Causes

There are other causes that could lead to a bad odor and they do not involve the hormonal changes. If the parent is unsure he or she should take the child to a doctor in order to be certain that the body odor is not the result of a medical problem such as ringworm or various disorders. A medical specialist will determine whether it’s a harmless stage in life or an inability for the child to process various compounds.

Treating an Overweight Person’s Bad Odor

Treating an Overweight Person’s Body Odor

Overweight people are known for having sometimes severe problems with the unpleasant body odor that is caused by sweating. Sweating is highly necessary for the human body to remain healthy and hydrated but the liquid that comes in contact with the surface bacteria leads to the bad smell. The odor becomes an even bigger problem with overweight people due to the skin flaps they have that do not allow air to freely travel and thereby create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Treating an Overweight Person's Body OdorWhile body odor and sweat needs to be appropriately managed by absolutely everyone, it is even more difficult for an overweight person due to the areas that are not properly oxidized and kept constantly moist by the excessive sweating. The underarms as well as any other area where the skin folds together and encloses the specific part of the body are perfect for attracting bacteria. Hygiene and the use of appropriate products is crucial when it comes to reducing the excessive sweating and the amount of bacteria that forms in these areas.


The bad odor can be prevented for a limited time at least by following certain basic hygiene norms. Showering or bathing at least twice a day is recommended and using a soap or shower gel that has anti-bacterial properties is crucial. The sweat can be washed and the bacteria thoroughly eliminated just by showering and changing clothes as frequently as necessary.

After a shower it is highly advisable to use any kind of deodorizer that would reduce the numbers of bacteria and create a wall between them and the sweat that would normally come in contact with the bacteria and cause the foul odor. This deodorizer should be applied mainly on the armpits but depending on the area where sweat appears more frequently, it can be used on the back of the knees, on thighs or under the breasts. Bacteria needs to be reduced everywhere as it is half of the problem.

The next step would be using an antiperspirant that would significantly reduce sweating where it is applied. This type of product would stop the sweating, even if temporarily, therefore reduce the odor that is generated by the combination of sweat and bacteria. The antiperspirant would be most effective with the deodorant as both parts of the problem would be treated, meaning sweat will be blocked and bacteria will be effectively reduced.Treating an Overweight Person's Body Odor

Allow the Skin to Breathe

Most people do not consider that the type of clothing will have a direct impact on the amount of sweating and number of bacteria that forms on the skin. In order to reduce excessive sweating and to make it harder for bacteria to thrive, the skin needs to be breathe. For that to happen, the person needs to wear clothes that are crafted from 100% natural fibers such as cotton.


Simply using a deodorant, a perfume or showering is not enough to combat body odor, especially for overweight people. It is recommended to use every single weapon against both bacteria and sweat in order to eliminate them or at the very least significantly reduce them. Shower, use deodorants as well as antiperspirants and make sure to wear clothes made out of natural fibers.