The Oil Pulling Health Craze

The Oil Pulling Health Craze

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian method that has been followed for various scientific reasons. For instance, it helps with the whitening of teeth, strengthens the jaw, teeth and gums and aids in preventing cavities. Additionally, it can be used for detoxification of the body, cure for migraines, hangovers, allergies, sinuses and sleep issues. There are various other health benefits in relation with oil pulling or oil swishing.The Oil Pulling Health Craze

How is oil pulling done?

This Ayurvedic Indian medicine involves a process in which you thoroughly gargle your mouth with one spoon of oil for 20 minutes every morning. When you spit the oil (into the trash can and not into the basin to avoid clogging of pipelines) you will notice that the oil has turned milky white in colour. This colour change indicates that the bacteria and toxins from the mouth have been absorbed by the oil.  Sunflower oil or coconut oil should be ideally used. Some people recommend not to use coconut oil and to do it with sesame oil instead.

It might be a little difficult to follow for a first timer but you will eventually get accustomed to it. You could do the process for 10 to 15 minutes if needed. It is recommended to follow this four to five times in a week.

The result…?

Studies reveal that oil pulling with coconut oil helps teeth whitening and act as an anti-viral and anti- bacterial agent by acting against sinuses, preventing gingivitis and cavities, strengthening the teeth and gums and by helping in body detoxification.

A doctor mentioned that the friction of oil is basically like a soapy effect. So it does not matter what oil is used. Whatever the oil may be, the effect of reducing bacteria and plaque that cause cavities in the mouth is the same. However, since oil cannot go very deep, serious infections that lie deeper in the teeth and gums are unlikely to get cured.

By maintaining a good oral hygiene you can concentrate on curing other issues in your body. There is a higher chance of people with poor oral hygiene will suffer from problems like pneumonia, strokes and heart attacks.

The Oil Pulling Health CrazeEar and sinus infections can be reduced with oil pulling since the ear and sinuses are connected to the mouth. On the other hand, sinuses and ear infections can also be caused by tooth infections. To cure the tooth infection, toothpastes containing Xylitol can be used which has shown that ear infections have reduced by 50% in children.

You may either use the toothpaste or do an oil pull to cure these infections as per your preference.

When your mouth is unhealthy, your body constantly fights against the bacteria present from entering the body. So if the mouth is healthy, your energy level is higher, your skin is clearer, you feel lighter and happier and overall your body is healthier. Oil pulling helps reduce those plaque and bacteria that cause cavities and is capable of reducing further development of cavities which are already present.

It is important to remember to never swallow the oil after gargling since the toxins that have been absorbed may enter the lungs and cause pneumonia. Also note that oil pulling does not substitute brushing. It may only be used as a substitute for a mouth wash but brushing is essential as particles may be present between teeth. Using a Waterpik is a better option as it reaches even between the teeth.

Body Odor and Food

Body Odor and Food

Body odor is the result of the sweat coming into direct contact with the bacteria which appears on the surface of the skin, mainly in the armpit area where it feeds on the secretions. The unpleasant smell can be caused by various reasons with diet being the main one. Specific foods and the presence of certain compounds found in what we eat can lead to a stronger body smell. This problem can be easily fixed by identifying the foods the lead to the unpleasant odor and by cutting back on the amount of them that is introduced in a daily diet. Reducing one food item at a time would lead to identifying the root of the problem without giving up on too many products.

Foods and Drinks that Lead to Body Odor

Body Odor and FoodThere are various products from all food and drink types that can lead to a foul body odor. One of the most common vegetables, for example, that enhances the smell of the body is garlic. The majority of people will experience a bad body odor on top of the bad breath when consuming garlic, onion and any other strong smelling vegetables.

Meats are also linked with a bad body over when consumed in high quantities on a regular basis. According to several scientific analysis, people who consume meat tend to have a stronger body odor than does who focus on a non meat diet or consume meat in small quantities and not daily. The bad smell is caused due to the long time it takes for meat to processed by the body, therefore it ends up decaying in the digestive system and increasing toxicity.

Alcohol is another leading suspect for increasing the severity of a bad body odor. This substance can be Body Odor and Foodeliminated through sweat and when it comes into contact with the bacteria that feeds on this body fluid, the odor only intensifies. Caffeine is linked by researchers in the same way as alcohol. If consumers suspect this to be the cause of the odor they should reduce or even eliminate drinks that contain caffeine, as well as chocolate.

While product can cause the bad smell on their own, certain people may suffer from a disorder that does not allow them to break down trimethylamine, an amino acid which can be found in many different foods. If they cannot process this compound it will build up in the system and lead to a body odor that smells fishy. Although the condition is quite rare, consuming soy, eggs, milk, beans, cabbage and any other vegetables related with it will lead to a foul, fish like smell. If someone is aware of this disorder he or she can only identify the product and significantly reducing its consumption.


A foul body odor can be caused by a large variety of foods or specific compounds found within certain drinks and foods. The best way to deal with this problem is to eliminate every food or drink one by one until the culprit is found.

How to Fight Dental Bacteria

How to Fight Dental Bacteria

Having a bad breath is a common problem encountered by millions of people all over the world. While most people think that this issue is just temporary due to drinking alcoholic beverages or eating onions in garlic, bad breath or halitosis, is actually much more than that. The bad smell caused by diet and lifestyle is one thing and can be easily solved, but halitosis is caused by various types of bacteria that live inside the oral cavity of each individual.

What causes bad breath

How to Fight Dental BacteriaThe most common factors that lead to a smelly breath are usually diet and lifestyle habits. It is easy to make diet adjustments and to avoid foods and drinks that cause temporary bad breath, however, the bad breath known as halitosis is caused by different reasons. This affliction cannot be taken care of simply through diet and sometimes an exceptional dental hygiene is not enough either.

It has been determined by researchers that there two types of bacteria inside the human mouth. One type is the good kind that actually maintains a healthy environment in the oral cavity without causing any health issues and the second type is a kind of bacteria which emits a foul odor after consuming the nutrients they find inside the mouth. Everyone has both types of bacteria but in different amounts and concentrations. There must be a balance between these two kinds, as some varieties will actually cancel out the smell and foul emissions that are given by the noxious type of bacteria.

How to Fight Dental BacteriaScientists found out that there are many factors that lead to the types of bacteria found within each individual’s mouth. Even the person’s blood type has an effect and it can lead to having small amounts of the bacteria that promote a good or neutral kind of breath. What is more important is actually the environment. The types of bacteria that thrive in the human’s mouth depend on the environment where the human lives. It has been discovered that people from one part of the world will have other types of bacteria or different concentrations of them as people from another part of the glove. Changing the environment can cause a shift for the better or for the worst depending on each person.

Bacteria can be eliminated through hygiene, but brushing teeth and flossing are not enough. It is just as important to clean the tongue as it carries a tremendous amount of bacteria that will influence the breath greatly.


Bad breath or halitosis is a result of bacteria thriving inside the oral cavity. The type and concentration of bacteria has a direct impact on the smell of the breath and hygiene is not enough to keep the breath clean at all times. So far the industry focuses only on bacteria killing products but this is just a temporary method as nothing can kill all bacteria and enough survive to immediately multiply and worsen the breath again in a matter of hours or even less. Until a more permanent solution is found, those who have a bad breath can only try their best to regularly brush the teeth and the tongue, floss and use anti-bacterial products.

Natural Treatments for Bad Breath

Natural Treatments for Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis is a commonly encountered health, as well as social problem. It can be prevented or treated but sooner or later everyone will have to deal with it at some point in their lives. Bad breath is caused for a variety of reasons, though the main problem is the growing number of bacteria that is thriving in the mouth of a person. The bacteria will feed off of nutrients left behind between the teeth or on the tongue andNatural Treatments for Bad Breath they will release a gas with an unpleasant odor. The bacteria’s population and the intensity of the odor can both be controlled only through hygiene and having a proper diet. While products for dental hygiene are widely available, there are various herbs and spices that will perform in the same manner if not even better.

The two leading causes to having a bad breath are diet and dehydration. Diet can be a problem if a person is restricting himself when it comes to eating. This can lead to a bad breath as breaking down the fat while burning calories will intensify the odor in the oral cavity. Diet can be a problem again if eating various foods or consuming certain drinks that are known for worsening the breath even if just temporarily. Every individual should identify the products that lead to a bad odor and eliminate it from the regular diet.

Dehydration is the other frequent reason for having a bad breath, especially the so-called doggy breath we all experience in the morning. Not drinking enough water will restrict the body’s saliva production, which is a vital anti bacterial agent. Not only that, but the saliva also works by trapping the sulfurous gases that are emitted by the bacteria.

The Natural Solution

Natural Treatments for Bad BreathOral hygiene products can be efficient and should be used but anyone can also take advantage of the many herbs and spices that most of us already have in the kitchen. For instance cinnamon is one of the most commonly available spices and it can be used as a bacteria and fungi killer due to its antibiotic properties. Honey and cloves are two other such examples of anti bacterial products that can be used to rinse the mouth on a regular basis, thus eliminating the bacteria and removing the unpleasant odor.

Crunchy vegetables and fruit, like carrots and apples can also be used to quickly clean teeth. Food particles get stuck in the teeth and these foods can remove them highly efficiently when we bite in them. Citrus fruits will also destroy the foul smell and promote a fresh breath. The lemon is the best example for such a remedy.


Unpleasant breath can be fought in many ways if we have the knowledge to do so. Bacteria and smelly breath can be countered by a large number of spices, vegetables, fruits and other natural products that we most likely already have around the house. Diet, a healthy lifestyle and proper hygiene with the use of conventional products as well as traditional, natural remedies is what we need to combat a bad breath.

Zinc as the Answer to Body Odor

Zinc as the Answer to Body Odor

Unpleasant body odor is triggered by too much sweating that can be experienced due to a diet that lacks the appropriate amount of zinc every person should consume. The unpleasant smell is the result of the human sweat that comes into contact with the bacteria that thrives on skin. After extensive research it has been discovered that adding a higher amount of zinc to the diet can reduce the severity of the odor, while also taking personal hygiene into account of course.

Body Odor and Methods of Prevention

Zinc as the Answer to Body OdorThe body releases sweat in order to keep the body hydrated and at a optimal temperature levels. This process that is crucial to our health and normal functioning will cause a reaction with the bacteria which inhabits the surface of the skin, thus leading to body odor. There are ways of preventing the unpleasant smell from being noticed, such as taking regular showers and using a soap with anti-bacterial properties or using deodorants or other anti-perspiration products that will either reduce the amount of sweating or remove the bacteria that will cause the odor. In some cases, however, this is not enough as people with unbalanced diets can experienced a stronger odor or increased sweating that cannot be easily controlled. In such an event it has been scientifically proven that taking in more zinc from either dietary supplements or certain types of food can counteract and reduce the severity of the odor.

Sources of Zinc

Many people may fail to consume enough zinc on a regular basis without even knowing it, even though the human body does not require a large quantity of the mineral. It would be enough to take any kind of supplement that contains zinc or to regularly consume certain foods such as beef, oysters, chicken or lobster. Adding any of these sources to the daily diet would normalize the levels of zinc in the body and help reduce the unpleasant body odor. This mineral is highly needed for reducing toxicity within the body, therefore a lack of it would lead to a type of sweat that will emit a foul odor.

Successfully Eliminating the Body OdorZinc as the Answer to Body Odor

Combating and controlling the body’s odor involves more than just adding more zinc to the diet. A balance between hygiene and diet must be established together with the products that contain this vital mineral. The person who emits an unpleasant odor should avoid consuming too much of certain foods, such as onion or garlic, that are notorious for leading to a smelly sweat. Taking a Zinc supplement and consuming products that contain the mineral will further counter and reduce the smell. When adding regular showers with bacteria combating soaps to the mix, there should no longer be a noticeable body odor as the bacteria itself is eliminated and the body’s own toxicity is lowered by the zinc.