5 Causes of Feminine Odor

5 Causes of Feminine Odor

Fixing the root cause

Though feminine issues are quite common, it does not make them less embarrassing. Issues with feminine odor can make you feel unclean even if you are not. Following is a discussion of the five most common causes of feminine odour.

  1. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

BV is among the most common of all causes. Basically, the vagina contains bacteria that occur naturally. BV is a condition in which there is an extra growth of the bacteria.

The causes are unknown. However, other factors like frequent touching and unprotected sex could cause the odour. Symptoms for this also include discharge, itching and soreness.

BV may just vanish eventually but it can also be cured with antibiotics.

  1. Yeast infections5 Causes of Feminine Odor

Yeast infections are similar to BV but they have a thick and white discharge.

There are various vaginal as well as oral anti-fungal medicines that are available for yeast infections.


Yeast treatments are very simple but since most of them are quite messy, it is best to use these treatments during nights rather than the day.

If you experience any of the symptoms or if the treatment you are undergoing seems to be ineffective, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

  1. STDs

Certain STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) also are a reason for feminine odor. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are two of the sexually transmitted diseases’ that are a cause. The two can be treated easily but if they are left untreated they may lead to serious complications. The common symptoms for these two diseases are discharge that resemble pus, odour and painful urination.

If you notice any of this, consult your doctor immediately and remember to use protection during intercourse.

  1. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

5 Causes of Feminine OdorPID is the later stage of STDs like chlamydia. PIDs occur when the bacteria causing STDs enter the uterus through the vagina. PIDs do not have symptoms generally and are noticed only when you experience trouble in getting conceived or if you have chronic pain. In case symptoms occur, they may be painful urination, painful intercourse, fatigue, fever, heavy discharge, odor and pelvic pain.

PID could be treated through antibiotics but it might leave scar tissue which has effects that may be long lasting like infertility and chronic pain.

  1. Poor hygiene

Odour can also be caused by poor hygiene. Ensure that you have a thorough wash every day, as it is natural for the vaginal area to smell as they have sweat and oil glands.  Use mild soaps that are free of fragrance and wipe well after visiting the restroom.

There are plenty of products available that claim to fight odour but it is best to keep away from all of them as these fragrant creams, cloths, douches and sprays cause twice the more trouble that resolving the problem. They may cause irritation and are also responsible for removing few bacteria which are actually required to be present to keep the vagina healthy.

Tip: Try the cotton crotch under-wears which help to remove moisture and thus stop odour.

The Oil Pulling Health Craze

The Oil Pulling Health Craze

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian method that has been followed for various scientific reasons. For instance, it helps with the whitening of teeth, strengthens the jaw, teeth and gums and aids in preventing cavities. Additionally, it can be used for detoxification of the body, cure for migraines, hangovers, allergies, sinuses and sleep issues. There are various other health benefits in relation with oil pulling or oil swishing.The Oil Pulling Health Craze

How is oil pulling done?

This Ayurvedic Indian medicine involves a process in which you thoroughly gargle your mouth with one spoon of oil for 20 minutes every morning. When you spit the oil (into the trash can and not into the basin to avoid clogging of pipelines) you will notice that the oil has turned milky white in colour. This colour change indicates that the bacteria and toxins from the mouth have been absorbed by the oil.  Sunflower oil or coconut oil should be ideally used. Some people recommend not to use coconut oil and to do it with sesame oil instead.

It might be a little difficult to follow for a first timer but you will eventually get accustomed to it. You could do the process for 10 to 15 minutes if needed. It is recommended to follow this four to five times in a week.

The result…?

Studies reveal that oil pulling with coconut oil helps teeth whitening and act as an anti-viral and anti- bacterial agent by acting against sinuses, preventing gingivitis and cavities, strengthening the teeth and gums and by helping in body detoxification.

A doctor mentioned that the friction of oil is basically like a soapy effect. So it does not matter what oil is used. Whatever the oil may be, the effect of reducing bacteria and plaque that cause cavities in the mouth is the same. However, since oil cannot go very deep, serious infections that lie deeper in the teeth and gums are unlikely to get cured.

By maintaining a good oral hygiene you can concentrate on curing other issues in your body. There is a higher chance of people with poor oral hygiene will suffer from problems like pneumonia, strokes and heart attacks.

The Oil Pulling Health CrazeEar and sinus infections can be reduced with oil pulling since the ear and sinuses are connected to the mouth. On the other hand, sinuses and ear infections can also be caused by tooth infections. To cure the tooth infection, toothpastes containing Xylitol can be used which has shown that ear infections have reduced by 50% in children.

You may either use the toothpaste or do an oil pull to cure these infections as per your preference.

When your mouth is unhealthy, your body constantly fights against the bacteria present from entering the body. So if the mouth is healthy, your energy level is higher, your skin is clearer, you feel lighter and happier and overall your body is healthier. Oil pulling helps reduce those plaque and bacteria that cause cavities and is capable of reducing further development of cavities which are already present.

It is important to remember to never swallow the oil after gargling since the toxins that have been absorbed may enter the lungs and cause pneumonia. Also note that oil pulling does not substitute brushing. It may only be used as a substitute for a mouth wash but brushing is essential as particles may be present between teeth. Using a Waterpik is a better option as it reaches even between the teeth.

Body Odor and Food

Body Odor and Food

Body odor is the result of the sweat coming into direct contact with the bacteria which appears on the surface of the skin, mainly in the armpit area where it feeds on the secretions. The unpleasant smell can be caused by various reasons with diet being the main one. Specific foods and the presence of certain compounds found in what we eat can lead to a stronger body smell. This problem can be easily fixed by identifying the foods the lead to the unpleasant odor and by cutting back on the amount of them that is introduced in a daily diet. Reducing one food item at a time would lead to identifying the root of the problem without giving up on too many products.

Foods and Drinks that Lead to Body Odor

Body Odor and FoodThere are various products from all food and drink types that can lead to a foul body odor. One of the most common vegetables, for example, that enhances the smell of the body is garlic. The majority of people will experience a bad body odor on top of the bad breath when consuming garlic, onion and any other strong smelling vegetables.

Meats are also linked with a bad body over when consumed in high quantities on a regular basis. According to several scientific analysis, people who consume meat tend to have a stronger body odor than does who focus on a non meat diet or consume meat in small quantities and not daily. The bad smell is caused due to the long time it takes for meat to processed by the body, therefore it ends up decaying in the digestive system and increasing toxicity.

Alcohol is another leading suspect for increasing the severity of a bad body odor. This substance can be Body Odor and Foodeliminated through sweat and when it comes into contact with the bacteria that feeds on this body fluid, the odor only intensifies. Caffeine is linked by researchers in the same way as alcohol. If consumers suspect this to be the cause of the odor they should reduce or even eliminate drinks that contain caffeine, as well as chocolate.

While product can cause the bad smell on their own, certain people may suffer from a disorder that does not allow them to break down trimethylamine, an amino acid which can be found in many different foods. If they cannot process this compound it will build up in the system and lead to a body odor that smells fishy. Although the condition is quite rare, consuming soy, eggs, milk, beans, cabbage and any other vegetables related with it will lead to a foul, fish like smell. If someone is aware of this disorder he or she can only identify the product and significantly reducing its consumption.


A foul body odor can be caused by a large variety of foods or specific compounds found within certain drinks and foods. The best way to deal with this problem is to eliminate every food or drink one by one until the culprit is found.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Treat Bad Breath?

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Treat Bad Breath?

Bad breath can cause many problems more than you can ever imagine. This problem is a common one which may stem from a lot of causes. But whatever the cause is, the truth is still the same: bad breath can embarrass you, can cause anxiety and frustration for you and can humiliate you in front of other people. Some potential causes of halitosis can include health conditions and diseases of the oral cavity. Foods can also cause halitosis such as those containing garlic and onions. Treatment of bad breath is usually dependent on its cause. There are many products available nowadays that claim to help with bad breath such as toothpastes, mouthwashes, flosses and regular dental care.

The Wonders of Apple Cider VinegarCan Apple Cider Vinegar Treat Bad Breath?

One of the ancient remedies for bad breath is apple cider vinegar. This is a folk remedy that has been around for quite sometime now and goes way back to 3000 BC. This vinegar has been used to treat a number of health conditions such as weight gain, diabetes, high cholesterol and constipation. Though all these healing effects can be confirmed, these have not been truly evaluated by doctors.

Apple cider vinegar is created by crushing fresh apples, removing the juice into barrels and making them stay there to be fermented by bacteria and yeast. Bacteria in acetic acid are placed to the liquid so that alcohol can be converted into vinegar. This rich, brownish fluid has a sharp pungent odor. Nutrients are still present in apple cider vinegar after all these natural processes.

Apple cider has many benefits such as the control of elevated glucose levels, lowering of abnormal cholesterol levels, the reduction of body fat and excess weight, and others. It can also be used to treat diarrhea and constipation.  It may also be used to treat acne and body odor. Recently, apple cider vinegar has been used to bad breath.

So, how do you use apple cider vinegar to treat bad breath? Here is how you do it. First, take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before you eat. You may also dissolve apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. In this way, apple cider vinegar can help with the body’s digestion after a meal and can treat bad breath.

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Treat Bad Breath?After each meal, you can also take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. If you cannot stand the sour taste, you can mix just one tablespoon of this vinegar with a glass of water containing 8 oz. You can also opt to add apple cider vinegar to the food that you eat. This can actually help you with your digestion. People who have bad breath often lack the enzymes and stomach acids that are able to digest food. Thus, apple cider vinegar can actually act as a stomach acid that can break down food and get rid of your bad breath.

Apple cider vinegar can also be used as a mouthwash. To use it as a gargle, add half a tablespoon to a cup of cold water. You can gargle this solution for about ten seconds and use this as a mouthwash so that you can get rid of bad breath.


Can Vitamin Deficiency Cause Body Odor?

Can Vitamin Deficiency Cause Body Odor?

All of us had body odor at some point in our lives. Body odor can make you lose self-confidence, can limit your social interactions and can cause you embarrassment and humiliation. But why does body odor occur? This unpleasant smell can actually be due to the acidic compounds given off by bacteria when they come in contact and react with sweat that forms in the skin. The smell comes from acids which are a result of proteins being broken down by bacteria in the skin.

Can Vitamin Deficiency Cause Body Odor?Body odor usually presents itself when there are things that are not dealt with when a person reaches puberty. Those who are prone to develop body odors are those who are obese, those with medical conditions such as diabetes and those who are fond of eating spicy food. Those who sweat too much, a condition known as hyperhidrosis, are also susceptible to develop body odors.

There are two types of acids that are present in body odor. Propionic acid is the type that is common in sweat and is produced by propionibacteria which break amino acids into propionic acids. Propionic acid has a vinegar-like smell because it is very similar to acetic acid, the component of vinegar that gives its strong smell and sour taste. The other acid is isovaleric acid which is a result of the actions of Staphylococcus epidermidis on the surface of the skin. The odor is similar to cheese.

Body odor usually develops because there are around three to four millions of sweat glands in the body. These sweat glands bring about sweat which is then acted upon by bacteria to give out a foul-smelling body odor. Sweat glands are located on all areas of the skin as well as on the armpits. They may also be located in the ear, the genitals, the eyelids and breasts. In the breast, these sweat gland secrete droplets of fat on to the breast milk. They help form earwax in the ear. The type of sweat glands that is causing body odor is the apocrine gland. The apocrine gland is abundant in the armpits, groin and on the nipples. These scent glands secrete pheromones, aromatic substances that make a person sexually attractive to another person. Apocrine glands are mainly responsible for producing body odor because the sweat that they produce is high in protein which is easily broken down by bacteria.

Body Odor and Nutrient Deficiencies

Can Vitamin Deficiency Cause Body Odor?If you think that body odor is about poor hygiene, it is not. It can be due to nutrient deficiencies. Not getting vitamins enough can cause people give out body odor. These various vitamin and mineral deficiencies may be in the form of vitamin B 12, magnesium or zinc.

Zinc is important in the body because it helps break down carbohydrates into energy and helps cleanse the body against toxins and waste products. If you have zinc deficiency, your body cannot detoxify properly and may bring about body odor. You can get zinc from pork, chicken, oysters, beef, grains, legumes and nuts.

Magnesium can affect your intestinal flora and its deficiency can cause body odor. If you consume foods rich in magnesium, it will help the body deodorize more effectively. magnesium can be found in foods such as nuts, dark chocolate and bran.

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin deficiency can bring about a fishy odor in the body, a condition known as trimethylaminuria. This vitamin can help enhance enzyme activity in patients with this disorder. Vitamin B can be found in cruciferous vegetables and seafood.


Cinnamon as a Cure for Bad Breath

Cinnamon as a Cure for Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common problem encountered by many around the globe. It is caused by bacteria which thrives in the oral cavity by consuming leftover food particles and it can become a real problem, especially if you have an office meeting but you ran out of mints. Bad breath or halitosis needs to be understood and fought with conventional ways, as well as traditional ways. Dental care products aren’t always effective and sometimes their overuse will actually do more harm than good. This is when common herbs and spices, like cinnamon can come in handy by effectively destroying bacteria without causing any kind of side effects whatsoever.

Cause of Bad Breath

Cinnamon as a Cure for Bad BreathBad breath is caused by replicating bacteria that emits foul smelling gases when consuming the nutrients found in food particles that are stuck in our teeth or on our tongues after meals or a snack. Diet and lifestyle will also have a serious impact on the amount of bacteria and the intensity of the odor. For example, those are not properly hydrated will have a worse breath than those who are. Bad hydration will lead to a reduced amount of saliva that is present in the mouth and a dry mouth will smell foul as there is nothing to trap the gas emanated by the bacteria. Our saliva plays a crucial role in capturing the foul smells and in washing down some of the bacteria.

Diet is another common problem due to many types of foods or beverages that will lead to a bad breath after being consumed. Onions and garlic are the most well known products that lead to a foul smell, at least temporarily. Same with alcohol as it dries and dehydrates the mouth, thus reducing content of saliva and allowing the bacteria’s gases to escape.

Dental Hygiene with Cinnamon

While conventional products like toothpaste and mouth wash are vital, they are not always foolproof and can’t be used excessively. This when natural spices and other products that are common in the kitchen, can come handy and eliminate the bacteria and the foul odor. Cinnamon is already well known due to researchers that have proven it to be an effective bacteria killer. This spice will cleanse the mouth from bacteria and take care of the root of the problem, especially when combined with other products with similar Cinnamon as a Cure for Bad Breathproperties.

For instanced, cinnamon can be best combined with honey and lemon juice to create a natural mouth wash that will eliminate the bacteria and freshen the smell immediately. Honey, like cinnamon, has anti bacterial properties that allows it to destroy these microscopic creatures that cause a bad breath. Lemon can be added as this citrus fruit will significantly improve and freshen the odor, thus eliminating any foul smell.

Making a natural mouth wash based on cinnamon is risk free and easy as it is a highly common and inexpensive ingredient. It can be applied regularly and the user can be certain that the population of bacteria will be controlled.

Dental Health and Oil Pulling

Dental Health and Oil Pulling

Dental health is vital for living a healthy, comfortable life. Not taking care of one’s teeth can lead to serious problems that will involve discomfort, pain and eventually a premature loss of teeth. On top of the health related issues, it can also have social impacts on the person who ignores his teeth as a bad dental hygiene will yellow the teeth and worsen the breath significantly.

Dental Health and Oil PullingOil pulling refers to an ancient method of maintaining the oral cavity’s health with the help of natural oils. It essentially means cleaning your mouth with various types of oils that are known for eliminating harmful bacteria, whitening teeth and overall prevent gum inflammation and the development of plaque, as well as cavities. The main reason people have yellow teeth, bad breath or gum inflammation is due to a large number of harmful bacteria that settles on the surface of the teeth. Using something like coconut oil on top of the conventional teeth cleaning methods will only improve oral health.

The benefits of oil pulling

The person using this method to maintain oral health has to take a tablespoon of oil and swish in his mouth for around a quarter of an hour. Many oils can be used, even sunflower, as all of them have the ability to taken in the bacteria from the teeth or gum and dissolve it. Coconut oil, however, has more benefits than other oils as it does more than just kill bacteria.

Dental Health and Oil PullingCoconut oil comes in a solid form at room temperature, therefore the consumer has to chew it and force it around the mouth and between the teeth in order to apply it everywhere. It has been determined that doing this regularly on a daily basis will add a shine to the teeth and whiten them as well as the plaque of bacteria is being significantly reduced and they will not multiply at such a fast rate. This, in turn will also make the breath fresher as bacteria is prevented from building up so quickly.

Another positive effect is the reduction of gum inflammation and reducing the possibility of suffering from gingivitis. These common problems are caused by the immune system overreacting to the bacteria present in the mouth and trying to combat it. The oil will help eliminate the bacteria far quicker while also soothing the inflamed gums that are most likely causing pain.


Oral hygiene is vital to maintain a good health overall. Brushing teeth and flossing regularly is of vital importance but sometimes not quite enough. This is when oil pulling with coconut oil can become a problem solver. Coconut oil is easy to apply without fearing any kind of side effects and it will only provide the user with health benefits as it will clean the teeth, gum and mouth overall from bacteria.

Five Vitamins That May Help Treat Bad Breath

Five Vitamins That May Help Treat Bad Breath

Having bad breath is an embarrassing experience. It can affect the way you do things, the way you interact with others and the way you handle relationships. With untreated bad breath you may appear as withdrawn, yet in fact, you just want to close your mouth so that you wouldn’t give out that nasty smell.

Bad breath is caused by a number of factors. One is consuming the wrong kind of foods such as garlic and onions. Another is poor hygiene, when you do not brush at least twice a day or you forget to floss regularly. Bad breath is often caused by leftover food inside the mouth which in turn attracts bacteria. These bacteriaFive Vitamins That May Help Treat Bad Breath feast on leftover food in your mouth and cause their decay. When bacteria act on proteins inside the mouth, they bring about foul smell which brings about bad breath.

There are a lot of temporary fixes in the market today such as breath mints, sprays, lozenges, gums, drops and mouthwashes. However, these products only have temporary effects and cannot stop bad breath in the long run. What you really need is a true fix that eliminates bad breath permanently. One of the ways by which you can get rid of bad breath is by changing your eating habits. You must consume food that contains essential vitamins that are needed in preventing bad breath.

So what vitamins do we need to take for us to eliminate bad breath from our lives forever? Here are the top five vitamins that you should consider:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant vitamin that can help treat bad breath. This vitamin is often found from fruits and vegetables. A lack of vitamin C can actually cause gum disease which is known as scurvy. Vitamin C maintains the integrity and function of the oral cavity; gum disease can be a breeding ground for bacteria which may then cause bad breath.


Zinc is another vitamin that has activity against bacteria in the mouth. It binds to the protein receptors of the oral cavity which are also the receptors to which bacteria may also bind to. Zinc boosts immunity and helps fight against infections of the oral cavity and can thus prevent bad breath.Five Vitamins That May Help Treat Bad Breath

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a vitamin that helps in creating energy from food. When there is lack of vitamin B, the body lacks the energy to produce enzymes that digest food well, further causing bad breath. This bad breath is due to the accumulation of toxins in the blood that are caused by a low energy state of the body’s processes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps fight aging by combating free radicals in the body. By doing this, Vitamin E rids the blood of toxins and other waste materials so that the immune system can fight infections well, especially within the oral cavity.


Calcium can strengthen bones and teeth. When your diet contains enough calcium, there is some degree of protection from tooth decay which in turn can cause bad breath.

How to Fight Dental Bacteria

How to Fight Dental Bacteria

Having a bad breath is a common problem encountered by millions of people all over the world. While most people think that this issue is just temporary due to drinking alcoholic beverages or eating onions in garlic, bad breath or halitosis, is actually much more than that. The bad smell caused by diet and lifestyle is one thing and can be easily solved, but halitosis is caused by various types of bacteria that live inside the oral cavity of each individual.

What causes bad breath

How to Fight Dental BacteriaThe most common factors that lead to a smelly breath are usually diet and lifestyle habits. It is easy to make diet adjustments and to avoid foods and drinks that cause temporary bad breath, however, the bad breath known as halitosis is caused by different reasons. This affliction cannot be taken care of simply through diet and sometimes an exceptional dental hygiene is not enough either.

It has been determined by researchers that there two types of bacteria inside the human mouth. One type is the good kind that actually maintains a healthy environment in the oral cavity without causing any health issues and the second type is a kind of bacteria which emits a foul odor after consuming the nutrients they find inside the mouth. Everyone has both types of bacteria but in different amounts and concentrations. There must be a balance between these two kinds, as some varieties will actually cancel out the smell and foul emissions that are given by the noxious type of bacteria.

How to Fight Dental BacteriaScientists found out that there are many factors that lead to the types of bacteria found within each individual’s mouth. Even the person’s blood type has an effect and it can lead to having small amounts of the bacteria that promote a good or neutral kind of breath. What is more important is actually the environment. The types of bacteria that thrive in the human’s mouth depend on the environment where the human lives. It has been discovered that people from one part of the world will have other types of bacteria or different concentrations of them as people from another part of the glove. Changing the environment can cause a shift for the better or for the worst depending on each person.

Bacteria can be eliminated through hygiene, but brushing teeth and flossing are not enough. It is just as important to clean the tongue as it carries a tremendous amount of bacteria that will influence the breath greatly.


Bad breath or halitosis is a result of bacteria thriving inside the oral cavity. The type and concentration of bacteria has a direct impact on the smell of the breath and hygiene is not enough to keep the breath clean at all times. So far the industry focuses only on bacteria killing products but this is just a temporary method as nothing can kill all bacteria and enough survive to immediately multiply and worsen the breath again in a matter of hours or even less. Until a more permanent solution is found, those who have a bad breath can only try their best to regularly brush the teeth and the tongue, floss and use anti-bacterial products.

How to Immediately Improve a Bad Breath

How to Immediately Improve a Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common problem that worries many whether they are kids going to school or adults getting ready for an office meeting. Its causes differ as halitosis can be caused by poor diet, bad oral hygiene or various gum diseases that may go unnoticed and untreated. In any case bacteria is the main cause of this widely encountered issue and in today’s busy social life not everyone has the time to regularly focus on proper oral hygiene.

How to Immediately Improve a Bad BreathThe usual methods of brushing teeth and tongue regularly as well as using mouthwash and flossing are still the best ways of maintaining a pleasant odor and clearing the bacteria which causes the foul smell. That, however, may not be enough as diet can be erratic depending on individual plus everyone reacts differently to foods and products. Here are a few tips on how to improve your bad breath quickly when you simply can’t brush your teeth at the moment and you’re out of mints or chewing gum.

Tips on Stopping Bad Breath

Drinking water is one of the simplest things you can do to immediately improve your breath, especially if you are feeling dehydrated and that your mouth or throat is dry. Dehydration leads to a lack of saliva and this will lead to a foul breath. The human saliva actually prevents the gases caused by the bacteria to be released and to be felt. Hydration will keep the production of saliva going and it will trap the bad smell immediately.

Another quick way of improving your breath is eating an apple. Apples will actually scrape off food particles and bacteria that is feeding on them. Bite on this oral cleaning fruit to not only clean your teeth but to also maxresdefaultneutralize the odor. Apples have been proven to have bad odor neutralizing abilities that will counter the foul smelling gases produced by the bacteria.

If you just had a meal that had garlic or onion in it, have no fear as you can neutralize some of the smell, if not all of it, but chewing on parsley. This commonly used veggie has been discovered to have certain enzymes that will eliminate the smell caused by garlic. Many foods have garlic in them and when gum isn’t available, just ask for some parsley garnishing with your meal.

Speaking of vegetables, carrots and celery are two other common mouth cleaning food items. Similar to the apple, the texture of these legumes will scrub off the food particles as well as the bacteria clinging to them. This is not their only effects as these watery veggies will actually promote the production of saliva which will further trap the foul gases released by the bacteria.


Maintaining oral hygiene is essential for preventing bad breath but sometimes people just don’t have access to their toothbrush or gum. In these cases there are many solutions that will quickly improve the situation as water and apples can be found literally in any building.